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Justin Hayward Reveals All The Way UK Tour Dates

Moody Blues man Justin Hayward has revealed details of his upcoming All The Way UK tour. He’ll play a total of eight intimate dates throughout September, where he’ll perform tracks from his solo career, along with a selection of Moody Blues favourites. Mike Dawes will open for Hayward at all shows. Hayward says: “I’m always so thrilled…

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The Morandi Bridge

Justin Hayward

Towards the end of last year I sold my old Black Mercedes. I didn’t want to – it just seemed the ‘time’.  As I was clearing it out (amazing how much stuff we collect in our cars over the years) I was astounded at the sheer volume of totally useless objects, maps and paperwork that…

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McPherson Guitars and William Morris

Lately I’ve been re-reading, and revisiting, the life and themes that define William Morris (1834-1896), and although he appears to have been a man of contradictions – his family wealth (through which he was able to choose his circumstances and mode of living), came from mines in Devon and Cornwall that had brutal working conditions …

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New Justin Q&A

Justin answers your questions! Q. What’s your secret to juggling so many tasks all at once so well onstage; remembering guitar chords to all the songs, remembering lyrics, floor pedals, ear monitors, interacting with the audience, etc.? A. I don’t think there is a secret. Remembering the words or music of a song is not…

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Tour Dates

  • 09/08/19 Justin Hayward in Edinburgh
  • 09/10/19 Justin Hayward in Birmingham
  • 09/11/19 Justin Hayward in Swindon
  • 09/12/19 Justin Hayward in London
  • 09/15/19 Justin Hayward in Wycombe Swan

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