"Lovely to see you and welcome to my web site. I hope you find these pages informative and I look forward to making more friends through my music.” - Justin

From Justin: Meeting Michael Jackson

I’ll be on tour when you read this so I shall have found out whether the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas is life-size, as one of my pals insists it is, or perhaps even larger, because everything is bigger in the U.S.A. One thing is for sure though, we are going…

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From Justin: Exciting projects

I would like to thank everyone for their fan mail since my website has gone up. I love your enthusiasm for my music and always welcome questions. I apologize for not getting any responses up yet, but with the holidays and my latest project “Journey Into Amazing Caves” (a soon to be released IMAX film)…

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From Justin: While on the road for the Moody Blues USA Fall Tour 2000

While on the road for the Moody Blues USA Fall Tour 2000, Justin jotted down some news exclusively for his Web site. Written on two different occasions during the tour (during the beginning and the middle), they are accounts of some of the things Justin observed and was doing. Enjoy!!! October 20th What an amazing…

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From Justin: Before leaving for the Moody Blues USA Fall Tour 2000

As many of you know, I’m on tour with the Moodies for the next few weeks, through California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and New York. I’m looking forward to being with the guys again and I’m sure we’ll have some fun as well as playing the music…

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Tour Dates

  • 04/23/18 Justin Hayward in Eindhoven
  • 04/24/18 Justin Hayward in Utrecht
  • 04/26/18 Justin Hayward in Randers
  • 04/27/18 Justin Hayward in Copenhagen
  • 04/29/18 Justin Hayward in Groningen

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