"Lovely to see you and welcome to my web site. I hope you find these pages informative and I look forward to making more friends through my music.” - Justin

From Justin: Tour Update

The last two long Moodies tours, last summer’s and the one that finished a few weeks ago, were the most enjoyable I can remember in our long history together. When the combination of music and personalities is right it’s a joy for everyone, and it’s all we really want to do. Being together for our…

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From Justin: War of the Worlds Withdrawal

I’ve had ‘spectacular tour’ withdrawal symptoms since the ‘War of The Worlds’ tour finished at the O2 Arena in December. To be part of a team so professional as the WOTW touring company was a real pleasure. Every day I was astounded by how the crew actually did it. The logistics of the operation were…

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From Justin: My Cherry Red Gibson 335

I had my first cherry red Gibson 335 in 1963. It was the standard model with a stop tailpiece. I came up to London to buy it, on the train as I remember, on a day out with my best pals, the other guys in The Whispers (or were we called All Things Bright then?)….

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From Justin: War of the Worlds

Regarding the “War of the Worlds”; I’m now in New Zealand after completing the Australia ‘War of the Worlds’ tour. The tour is going really, really well, and all the shows have been brilliant. Because it’s such a big production, there are the occasional technical hitches, but most of the time things go very smoothly…

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Tour Dates

  • 02/10/19 Justin Hayward in Nassau, Bahamas
  • 02/16/19 Justin Hayward in Delray Beach, FL
  • 02/18/19 Justin Hayward in Key West, FL
  • 02/20/19 Justin Hayward in Melbourne, FL
  • 02/21/19 Justin Hayward in Clearwater, FL

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