"Lovely to see you and welcome to my web site. I hope you find these pages informative and I look forward to making more friends through my music.” - Justin

From Justin: My Cherry Red Gibson 335

I had my first cherry red Gibson 335 in 1963. It was the standard model with a stop tailpiece. I came up to London to buy it, on the train as I remember, on a day out with my best pals, the other guys in The Whispers (or were we called All Things Bright then?)….

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From Justin: War of the Worlds

Regarding the “War of the Worlds”; I’m now in New Zealand after completing the Australia ‘War of the Worlds’ tour. The tour is going really, really well, and all the shows have been brilliant. Because it’s such a big production, there are the occasional technical hitches, but most of the time things go very smoothly…

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From Justin: Writing & Recording

Been writing, and recording. Been mixing. And I still leave my guitars around the place so I can see every day how beautiful they are, marvelling at their sound, and inspirational qualities. Just like when I was a child. Trying to cope with the business of the music business business. Trying to decide if I…

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From Justin: My Favourite Places

I hesitate to say that Paris, Rome, London and New York are my favourite places, because places where you feel at home, or that you belong, are as much in the heart as in an exact location on a map. But, they are my favourite cities and I love spending time in each of them….

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Tour Dates

  • 08/04/18 Justin Hayward in Plymouth, NH
  • 08/05/18 Justin Hayward in Salisbury, MA
  • 08/07/18 Justin Hayward in Fall River, MA
  • 08/08/18 Justin Hayward in Portland, ME
  • 08/11/18 Justin Hayward in Hartford, CT

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