"Lovely to see you and welcome to my web site. I hope you find these pages informative and I look forward to making more friends through my music.” - Justin

Justin Hayward to Appear on UK’s GRTR Radio with Peter Ross

Justin Hayward will appear on UK’s GRTR Internet radio this Sunday in an interview with Peter Ross. The interview will be aired at 4pm ET. Listen live at GetReadytoRockRadio.com!

Justin Hayward to Guest on SiriusXM

Justin Hayward will be a guest on SiriusXM Pops, hosted by Peter Cummings.  The program will air on SiriusXM Pops: Saturday, February 23 at 9am (EST) Sunday, February 24 at 8pm (EST) Monday, February 25 at 11pm (EST)

Video Interview with Justin Hayward

On his road to winning the X-factor in 2010, Mathew Cardle performed Nights in White Satin, which he believed to be a, ‘forgotten classic.’ Soon after, the original reentered the charts, and a new generation was introduced to The Moody Blues. The Moody’s forged their identity in the 60’s and have since weathered the divisive…

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Always Looking West: An Interview with Justin Hayward

Classicrockrevisted.com By Jeb Wright Photos by Marcus Way Justin Hayward, best known as a member of the iconic rock group The Moody Blues, has returned with his first solo album in nearly two decades. Spirits of the Western Sky sees Justin looking inward and writing about relationships.  This time out he is leaving the political…

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Tour Dates

  • 04/23/18 Justin Hayward in Eindhoven
  • 04/24/18 Justin Hayward in Utrecht
  • 04/26/18 Justin Hayward in Randers
  • 04/27/18 Justin Hayward in Copenhagen
  • 04/29/18 Justin Hayward in Groningen

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