"Lovely to see you and welcome to my web site. I hope you find these pages informative and I look forward to making more friends through my music.” - Justin

Justin Hayward à Monaco et à Genes

Here’s a video interview that Justin Hayward did with France 3 back in 2004. Here is an excerpt from Justin’s newsletter from December 2004 discussing this interview: December, 2004 “So much has happened in my life and professionally in the last few months since the show in Monaco. Because of the buzz around the Monaco…

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Justin Hayward Checks In From The Road

Hi All, Just a quick check in from the road… The tour out here is going very well.  We’re happy to be playing so many dates and seeing so many dedicated wonderful Moodies people.  They really support and strengthen us. The set list, through all it’s recent changes, has been great and ‘deep’ , and…

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Justin Hayward Answers Your Questions

Justin Hayward

Justin answers your latest questions… 1. In a BBC2 radio broadcast last April, you refer to a time “a few years back” when you met Australia’s Tina Arena to consider doing some work together. As she recorded a beautiful version of Nights for release in 2008, did this coincide with the time frame of that…

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Justin On Ben Rector

‘I just wanted to say that Ben Rector is one of the best artists to come along in the last few years. Love it!’ – Justin Hayward

Tour Dates

  • 04/23/18 Justin Hayward in Eindhoven
  • 04/24/18 Justin Hayward in Utrecht
  • 04/26/18 Justin Hayward in Randers
  • 04/27/18 Justin Hayward in Copenhagen
  • 04/29/18 Justin Hayward in Groningen

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