"Lovely to see you and welcome to my web site. I hope you find these pages informative and I look forward to making more friends through my music.” - Justin

Justin Talks with KGON 92.3

Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues will be performing at the Aladdin on June 10th.  It was a pleasure to talk with this legend.  Click here to enjoy the interview!

Guitar Making and More with Justin Hayward

Justin Hayward

Justin was recently asked about how guitars today compare to the old. For instance, a 60’s Strat compared to a model made today…and if Justin prefers American made guitars… There’s no doubt that the best sounding, and best playing guitars that I have, were made in the 1950’s and early 1960’s.  I think that was…

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Justin Hayward Answers more of YOUR questions…

Here’s the latest installment of a Q&A with Justin… 1. You have often said that you write songs from the heart. Would you say that was true of every song you wrote? There were a few I wrote before Fly Me High that I didn’t think worked. But Decca gave me the freedom and encouragement…

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Justin Hayward Announces Solo Tour Dates; Moody Blues Schedule Late-Summer Shows

With The Moody Blues winding down a run of U.S. tour dates prior to embarking on their second annual fan cruise this Wednesday, frontman Justin Hayward has just announced plans to hit the road solo in May and June.  The month-long trek is scheduled to begin with a May 13 show in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and is mapped out through…

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Tour Dates

  • 04/23/18 Justin Hayward in Eindhoven
  • 04/24/18 Justin Hayward in Utrecht
  • 04/26/18 Justin Hayward in Randers
  • 04/27/18 Justin Hayward in Copenhagen
  • 04/29/18 Justin Hayward in Groningen

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