"Lovely to see you and welcome to my web site. I hope you find these pages informative and I look forward to making more friends through my music.” - Justin

New Fan Q&A with Justin

Read the latest Q&A with Justin Hayward. 1. Q: You seem to have taken more of turn toward at least partially acoustic versions of your songs, even in newer recordings. I know that’s partly because of the needs of working solo with a smaller troupe, but also, as you recorded some lovely songs with a…

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Chuck Berry, Rock ‘n’ Roll Pioneer….

“I bumped into Chuck Berry at an airport in the USA in the late 60’s. I was carrying my Gibson 335, which I always took in the cabin with me. He put his Gibson 355 on to the belt to go in the hold.   I said “Aren’t you worried it will get smashed?”. He said…

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Justin Hayward’s Endless Nights in White Satin

HoustonPress.com BY BOB RUGGIERO Of all the hits that the Moody Blues have charted over the past 50-plus years of existence, the one big calling card for the English band is probably “Nights in White Satin.” Atmospheric, classically orchestrated, mysterious and featuring Justin Hayward’s dreamy vocals, it’s not just a hit, but a classic-rock anthem. Amazingly,…

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Justin with Marty Wilde and Roger Greenaway

“A friend posted this photo taken in the nineteen eighties of me with Marty Wilde (I played guitar for Marty in the 1960’s  when I was seventeen) and renown songwriter and dear friend, Roger Greenaway.” -Justin Ps. Marty is 6ft 4 inches tall

Tour Dates

  • 08/19/18 Justin Hayward in South Orange, NJ
  • 08/20/18 Justin Hayward in Annapolis, MD
  • 08/22/18 Justin Hayward in Alexandria, VA
  • 08/24/18 Justin Hayward in Kent, OH
  • 08/26/18 Justin Hayward in Chicago, IL

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