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PBS Announces “Justin Hayward’s Ultimate DVD Collection”

Justin Hayward’s “Spirits…Live” PBS television show is just around the corner. As the producer of the show, I can tell you it is AWESOME! Justin has assembled a collection of five DVD’s, called “The Ultimate Collection”, that will be yours when you pledge to PBS. Included here are Justin’s two newest DVD’s “Watching and Waiting”…

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New PBS Exclusive DVD Digs Deep Into The Story Behind Nights In White Satin!

During a recent interview between Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues and Michael Pinkus, executive producer of Justin’s upcoming PBS special, Justin told an amazing tale.  Captured in a new PBS Exclusive DVD titled “The Story Behind Nights In White Satin” by award-winning director David Minasian, Justin reveals the circumstances surrounding his world-renown mega-hit.  Without…

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Justin Hayward Unveils New DVD’s for Upcoming National PBS Broadcast

We are very excited to announce that Justin Hayward has provided PBS with a beautiful collection of new DVD’s featuring never-before-seen materials. These DVD’s are exclusive only to PBS Members. During Justin’s upcoming PBS concert “Spirits…Live” you will have the opportunity to become a Member of your local viewer-supported PBS station.  As a Member you…

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Justin Hayward’s Spirits…Live Television Special Update

We’re getting a great response, lots of buzz on PBS’ Justin Hayward’s Spirits…Live television special.  Here are some of the questions we’re fielding:   When: Starting February 28, 2015 and throughout the month of March, 2015.   Where: Your local PBS station.   Note: The PBS Network consists of 350+ affiliates nationwide. Each affiliate or…

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Tour Dates

  • 08/04/18 Justin Hayward in Plymouth, NH
  • 08/05/18 Justin Hayward in Salisbury, MA
  • 08/07/18 Justin Hayward in Fall River, MA
  • 08/08/18 Justin Hayward in Portland, ME
  • 08/11/18 Justin Hayward in Hartford, CT

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